This group connects Stewardship with Discipleship to ” accept God’s gifts gratefully, tend them responsibly, share them lovingly and return them with increase to the Lord”. Members meet at least six times a year to set the vision for the parish’s vision to care for all God’s gifts in our parish.

Spiritual Gifts Course Team: is responsible for annually encouraging parishioners to examine their spiritual gifts and help them discover ways to put them in practice. The goal of this program is to “mold our vision for life with God’s vision of our lives”.

Finance Committee: participants are appointed by the Parish Life Coordinator to oversee financial matters and assist in preparing and ensuring that our budgets meet the parish’s needs. This committee meets at least six times a year.

Buildings and Grounds: this commission serves to plan and maintain grounds and buildings of Good Shepherd and to promote the parish’s focus and expectations. The team meets quarterly to ensure that needs are met.

Buildings and Grounds Work Days: By participating on an “as-needed-basis”, you can help-out a couple of times a year with major and minor repairs, including: seeding, weeding, mulching, etc. to help keep our grounds beautiful year-round.

Landscaping/Gardening: All are encouraged to participate in our continuous effort to keep the landscape and gardens of Good Shepherd beautiful – year-round. Please contact the parish office to find out how and when you can help.